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Studies have shown that hypnosis can be a powerful tool in assisting a laboring woman through her childbirth experience! Deep inner peace states help Mom move purposefully and mindfully through the stages of labor to the awesome and joyful birth of her baby!

During these sessions, you and your partner (or other support persons) will learn how to tap your own inner resources of strength and self-assurance to ease or eliminate childbirth pain, and be present for the experience of bringing your baby into the world! This work shop will help you to tap into the guiding voice of Spirit and face your Childbirth free from fear.

Not only is hypnosis an excellent tool for childbirth it also works to improve the quality of ones life in many ways.

Consider hypnotherapy. . .
• To aid fertility,
• To eliminate or reduce the pain f childbirth,
• To heal addictions, and compulsive behaviors,
• To increase memory, improve learning and test taking skills,
• To lose weight and improve health
• As well as to facilitate Spiritual Development.
• The treatment of chronic pain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.
• The reduction of the symptoms of dementia.
• Hypnotherapy may be helpful for certain symptoms of ADHD.
• The reduction of nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.4
• Control of pain during dental procedures.
• Elimination or reduction of skin conditions including warts and psoriasis.
• Alleviation of symptoms association with Irritable Bowel and much more!